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Resonance- Solitude


by Tim Wenger

Hard rock is not the easiest genre to do well. Resonance is one of the few Denver groups that not only understands that, but puts in the effort to ensure they do not fall into the category of ‘cheesy hard rock and metal bands.’ Their new EP Solitude hits as hard many of their major label counterparts. Will Robinson of Vermillion Road cameos on the track “Void,” the album’s strongest, which moves from intricate guitar fretting into a heavy-hitting, harmonic chorus without so much as a feeling of awkwardness.

Vocalist Danny Pappas cries “I’d love for you to love me, too,” on the track “Identity Crisis.” CMB is happy to oblige. With continued hard work and good marketing, this EP has the ability to take Resonance up a couple notches on the musical totem pole. Here’s to hoping has the opportunity to take these songs coast to coast, they don’t follow the footsteps of Novus Folium.



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